Hi, I'm Stefan 👋.

I currently work as a full stack developer at a small agency / software company in Zurich, Switzerland called 2media. Most of my time, I spend working on internal tools, to make our marketing and sales team happy, fix bugs or add features to our e-commerce platform, develop JavaScript widgets which our clients can use or design and code campaign landing pages for clients.

In March 2024 I've joined Trenda in a part time position and work as a senior developer and help the team push their product forward.

Previously I finished my apprenticeship as a general computer scientist, where I worked and ran with other apprenticeship members a little development studio, where we had to find clients, pitch websites, write offers, build the website and handle all the communication around that.

I first began experimenting with code while playing World of Warcraft. The game can be extended with addons written in LUA and I spent many afternoons and evenings reading the code of others and adjusting the code to my liking.
The Warcraft era is over, but I still love to tinker with new languages and frameworks and build software which help me in my everyday life.

When I'm not at the computer I enjoy a ride with my mountain bike, a hike through the Swiss alps or a good book.

I'm also an avid gym-goer, podcast listener and occasional PS4 gamer.

Talks #

  • Intro to Laravel Livewire (Recording, Source Code) – I gave an intro talk about Larvel Livewire at the Laravel Switzerland Meetup. (October 2022)
  • Intro to GitHub Actions Recording, Slides - I gave an intro talk about GitHub Actions at the Laravel Switzerland Meetup (June 2023)

Interviews #