This is a now page and this is what I'm currently up to:

2024-05 #

After migrating this blog to Eleventy I'm now full of energy for writing blog posts again. In the next few weeks I want to …

  • document how I use Shiki for syntax highlighing
  • what my backup strategy is and what software I use
  • add a micro blogging section to the site to share shorter thoughts

Meanwhile I'm still working on my read-it later app from time to time. Next few sessions are dedicated on building a landingpage and invite system.

2024-04 #

Updating this page after a long long time. :D

  • Have been working on a new side-project since November 2023 when I had a free evening: my own read-it later app. Deployed the first working version and started dog-fooding it.
    • My goal is to invite some close friends to an early alpha my mid-year.
  • Currently reading "The Dark Forest" in the Three Body Problem trilogy.
  • Can't wait until summer. Last few days winter had a comback and it snowed for like 3 days straight.

2022-04 #

  • Getting back into a habit of daily journaling.
  • Try to finish a couple of article drafts that are lingering in iA Writer for a while.
  • Getting back into a daily meditation habit.
  • Still working on that "paint by number" painting.

2021-11 #

  • Start working more in the open and share on Twitter what I'm currently working on.
  • I want to start working on again. The docs could use some love. I also would like to open source some of the internal stuff.
  • Figure out what the next few years shall look like for me.
  • Finish "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" (Am already +120 hours into this game).
  • Keep my daily meditation streak going for the remainder of the year.
  • Finish a painting I'm currently working on.
  • (Try to finish reading "Thinking Fast & Slow" (4th attempt?!)).