As a developer I run into problems every day. Whenever possible, I try to publish my solutions as open source software so others can benefit and build upon them.

Some projects are simple PHP packages, others are full blown web applications or SaaS products and others are shell scripts to automate tedious "borings" tasks.

My projects are being used in organisations like GitHub, Shopify, Laravel, Etherum or Bun and by many fellow developers around the world.

If you've benefited from my projects, consider supporting me through a monthly or one-time donation on GitHub Sponsors.

Image representing the laravel-backup-restore project


A package to restore database backups made with spatie/laravel-backup.
Image representing the git-auto-commit-action project


GitHub Action to automatically commit changed files back to the repository.
Image representing the sidecar-browsershot project


A Sidecar function to run Laravel Browsershot / Puppeteer on AWS Lambda.
Image representing the changelog-updater-action project


A GitHub Action to automatically update a "Keep a Changelog" CHANGELOG with the latest release notes.
Image representing the commonmark-markdown-renderer project


PHP package to render a league/commonmark AST back to Markdown.
Image representing the laravel-sends project


Laravel package to keep track of outgoing emails and associate sent emails with Eloquent models.
Image representing the project

Software to create screenshots or PDFs from websites or your own HTML code. It's the successor of
Image representing the laravel-stats project


Artisan command to get insights about a Laravel Project.
Image representing the faker-swiss-locations project


Faker provider to generate random valid Swiss locations.
Image representing the php-swiss-cantons project


PHP package to get translations of the 26 Swiss cantons.
Image representing the kirby-laravel-mix-helper project


Kirby plugin to use Laravel Mix to cache-bust CSS and JS assets.
Image representing the radio-srf-menubarapp project


A menubar app to play the radio stations of the Swiss National Radio SRF.
Image representing the js-swiss-cantons project


Package to get all 26 Swiss cantons and interact with them.
Image representing the phpinsights-action project


GitHub Action to run phpinsights.
Image representing the Laravel Download Statistics project

Laravel Download Statistics

Site which aggregates download statistics and display data in charts and data tables.
Image representing the kirby-json-feed project


Kirby plugin to generate an RSS JSON Feed.
Image representing the Laravel Encryption Key Generator project

Laravel Encryption Key Generator

A little app that generates new Laravel encryption keys in the web.
Image representing the Asana Expander project

Asana Expander

A Browser Extension to automatically expand "See More" links in Asana.
Image representing the Oh Dear Request Run Action project

Oh Dear Request Run Action

A GitHub Action to trigger a new mixed-content or broken-links run in Oh Dear.
Image representing the commonmark-mark-extension project


Render `==highlighted==` texts as ==`<mark>`== elements in league/commonmark.
Image representing the changelog-updater CLI project

changelog-updater CLI

A PHP CLI to update a CHANGELOG following the "Keep a Changelog" format with the latest release notes.
Image representing the project

Free and open source SaaS to generate screenshots of websites.
Image representing the user-agent-analyzer project


PHP app to parse and analyze User Agent strings.
Image representing the ImguBox project


PHP app to automatically download favorites to Dropbox.
Image representing the up-to-dayone project


Bash script to import Jawbone UP data into Day
Image representing the dropshare-tailwind-landingpage project


Landingpage to be used with, designed with Tailwind CSS.