Introducing: Dirby

Some weeks ago I silently open sourced Dirby. An opinionated Kirby theme.

An example page with syntax highlighted code.
An example page with syntax highlighted code.

My team and I were searching for an easy to use CMS to create a web documentation for our projects. We used Kirby in previous projects and were amazed by how easy you can customize and extend it. We quickly patched a working prototype together, but it never looked good. It never took off and nobody wanted to make it better. I took the opportunity, built Dirby and open sourced it.

In its core, it's just Bootstrap, Hightlight.js (for code snippets), Clipboard.js (to share URLs) and some basic pages (Search, Sitemap and Login).

The installation is quite easy. Just copy site/*, content/* and assets/* into your Kirby installation. The default template (site/templates/default.php) loads the necessary files and you're ready to go. You find more information in the README file.