Podcasts 2018

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I'm an avid podcast listener and every time I bring up podcasts in a conversation I get the question: "What podcasts are you listening to?". This article is a snapshot of the podcasts which I'm listening to regularly.

The categories range from technology and social issues to politics, economics and psychology. My Podcast app of choice is Overcast.

Very hard to describe but one of my absolute favorites. CGP Grey and Brady Haran talk about life, work, flags, plane accidents and more. You should probably read the Wikipedia Page to learn more about the podcast.

On Reddit there's a huge following of Tims (the name of Hello Internet audience members). I've learned a lot from both hosts and the surrounding community. It's a great podcast when you're on your way to somewhere or when you're just doing your errands around your home.

(Actually the only podcast so far where I've listened through the whole archive)

Myke Hurley and CPG Grey talk about their work, productivity tools and how to get work done. Thanks to this podcast, I started tracking the time I spend on all kinds of things.

Quite hard to describe but another one of my favorite podcasts. Hidden brain is all about hidden patterns which guide us through our daily life.

Some of my favorite episodes:

After the 2016 US election, I got really interested in American politics (the interest faded in the last months though). I've tried many podcasts about US politics, but I sticked with the NPR podcasts as its hosts present the weekly ongoing in the US in a mostly neutral tone.

A podcast all about science and philosophy. Very High quality content! Some of my favorite episodes:

In 2013, they've recorded an episode in front of a live audience. I highly recommend watching the video of Apocalyptical.

Every week Frederique, Owen and Zach break down the biggest issues in the tech industry. I especially like, that they talk about the side effects of the decisions made by the big tech companies.

Short and easy to digest podcast episodes about the economy or how political decisions have influence on the economy. One recent episode highlights the new social justice system in China which I really enjoyed.

Jeffrey Way creator of laracasts.com and one of the best online teachers talks about life and development.

Adam Wathan interviews people working in tech and is talking about everything development, product design, testing and much more.

Official podcast of the Laravel Framework. The latest season is packed with great interviews with people from the community.

A podcast about design, architecture, flags and more (all those small things in life that are invisible).

A podcast from Basecamp about running a business and working better together.

Another great podcast about the internet. I especially like the "Yes Yes No" episodes.

If you think I'm missing out on a good podcast please send me your recommendation on Mastodon.