Able Cary Daily Plus Review

Micro Blog Post

Last December, my trusty old Speedo backbag finally broke apart after using it for a good decade.

Instead of purchasing another cheap 20 $ bag, I've decided to splurge a bit. I've set myself a budget of CHF 100 to CHF 200 and set some must have features (25-30 liters, waterproof, should have enough space to store grocieres).

I asked on Mastodon and Twitter, if folks have some recommendations and a flurry of links came towards me. Here is the full list of bag recommendations I've received.

After watching and reading reviews, I settled for the "Able Carry Daily Plus". It's durable, waterproof, is a great size, has a laptop sleeve and a separate bottle compartment.

So far, the bag holds strong. I can pack my MacBook, a water bottle, my lunch, my Kindle and the usual small items in the bag and still have some storage room left.

The first half of 2024 was also rain heavy. There were a couple of occasions where I was commuting by bike and a sudden downpour soaked me wet; but the bag kept its promise and all the items remained dry.

But no bag is perfect. So far there is one negative thing I noticed: If the front most pocket has stuff in it, it's quite cumbersome to add bulky items – like a square storage container – to the main compartment. The bag is just too tight in that area.

But overall a great bag I would recommend to others.